And how was YOUR Halloween?

We were going to go to the coast and camp in a yurt this Halloween, but no, our friends, the Foxes, begged us to write an essay for the PDXgeocaching forums. The essay was about why we wanted to attend an event cache called Blood Bath and Beyond. You can find the essay here, along with all the other adventures of the Portland geocaching crew trying to find their own golden tickets.

Long story short, we won the ticket and went to the party. Melissa went as a scarecrow and I was a bandito. Everyone loved our costumes. The party was fabulous! See the posts on the cache page for details, because I could be here all night trying to explain how great this party was! We met lots of geocachers from Portland and had a blast. We didn't want to leave, but knew that we had to get up early and do a caching spree the next day with Jim, Tara, Russ and Jerri.

Any more questions? Email me.


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