Stockings anyone?

Not to be left behind in the current knit-a-long craze, I signed myself up for the StockingAlong hosted by Becky.

Now, I've only ever made one pair of socks, and I have a second pair in the works, but they are giving me fits because I am sort of mixing and matching patterns as I go. Great learning experience, but not getting so much forward momentum going on this project. Hopefully, once I get the mossy socks done, I will be able to speed through this stocking thing with ease.

Did I actually say that with a straight face?

Maybe I will be able to get it done. I hope so, since I just want to make it simple, two colors, and sort of thick and chunky.
Here's to a new adventure... may it not be as much of a learning experience as the mossy socks! :)


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