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Well, I finished my Yule stocking, and it only took 5 days. To be honest, it was a quick knit on big needles, but I'm just thankful that it is eating up quite a bit of the Jiffy stash that I had accumulated a while back (read: when I started knitting the frist time around).

I modified the basic stocking pattern from the Fall 2005 Knit It! Magazine, but it should be about the same size proportionally. I used Jiffy yarn in Grass Green and Pearl Gray. It is supposed to be a mohair look yarn, and I definitely learned my lesson about knitting it up on bamboo needles. Don't do it! The yarn was so grabby, I had a really hard time getting it to let go ofthe needles and slide properly. Next time, I'll have to use my metal DPNs.

Now I just have to make it a mate... Let me know what you think.


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