Extra Holiday Fun!

Who knew that half a florist's shop and a chocolatier, along with several fabulous gifts could fit in a box size 9"x12x2""?

A package from our wonderful friends, Liz and P, came today and we were so excited by what was inside!

Beautiful silk poinsettias and holly shaped leaves only temporarily obscured our view of the gifts that were contained within. Soon we found mounds of sweet chocolate kisses (yum! yum!) and Emily the Strange fold-up stationery, a CD that Bug has been dying to get, and a gift card for our favorite sugar-fied deep-fried doughwads, Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

In her haste to get the box to us, Liz had left out part of the gift, but sent it ahead by email so I got a sneak peek at one of the great gifties the other day. I was blown away to find that I am now the proud owner of the pattern for the Sweet Mary Janes that I was yearning to make. Now, I just have to decide what yarn to use in their creation. Too many decisions!

Words cannot express how wonderful it is to have great friends who know you so well. Long distance thanks, hugs, and kisses will have to do for now.

(for more pictures of our cute package and Bug tearing into the gifts, hop along to our flickr site)


Blogger Zabet said...

Yay, you got it! I was begining to worry becuase when I tried entering the tracking number on usps.com it kept saying "electronic number assigned, does not mean that package has arrived at post office yet" or somesuch.

*hugs and love*

("unoenoxx" btw)

9:50 AM  
Blogger Raellyn said...

That has happened with some of the packages that I have sent home to mom and dad. Not sure why, it must have gotten skipped at the scanner.

We were so glad to see it, but doubly so after we opened it!


11:03 PM  
Blogger Zabet said...

Oh hey, I wasn't sure if you could read the scrawl on the tag for the CD, but it says (something like) "A cat jumped on this, so tell me if it's broken and I'll replace it." The kittens were chasing each other like crazy as I was packing up the box, and Roscoe (who's the best jumper in the house) decided to use the CD as a landing pad when he jumped from the back of the couch. Is it ok?

8:26 AM  
Blogger Raellyn said...

The CD is fine, and we have been playing it like crazy around here. I don't think Bug will ever get sick of it. A truly awesome gifty. Thanks muchly!

(I got off easy today... *cirem*)

8:37 AM  

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