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Yule Log!

That's right, kiddies... for your viewing pleasure this evening, Oregon Public Broadcasting is presenting footage of a fireplace with seasonal music to enjoy. Occasionally, a hand will come from off screen and tend the fire with a poker to make the flames higher or drop another log on when it gets low.

Amazing. Only in Oregon.

Bug thinks this is hilarious, of course, and is doing a running play-by-play of the actions of the fireplace. Now she says, they've zoomed in for a closeup. She is making many witty jokes about how insane it is to watch this. I remind her that some people buy those DVDs of fireplaces and tropical fish. At least they show it for free here. :)

Oh, and for those of you searching for a something meaningful about this program, the fireplace getting so much airtime is located at the historic Timberline Lodge at Mt.Hood.


Blogger Zabet said...

LOL! Only in Oregon! I love it!

Merry Merry, Happy Happy, and Blessed Blessed.

*hugs to you both!*

(Madre de Dios! "xrlwsmel"!)

4:03 PM  

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