Random Stuff

I was cleaning out my photo files and ran across these images. For some reason or other, they didn't get filed with anything when I downloaded them off the camera, so I thought I would share the best with you.

Places & Structures
Belknap Bridge (near McKenzie Bridge, OR)

Stewart Pond (a wetland near our house)
Dawn at the pond 1, 2

The Bridge at Heceta Head Lighthouse

Our favorite tree at Dorris Ranch in Springfield, OR. We have a geocache inside the base of the tree.

View from the Top of the World Cache and a creek that winds down the valley nearby.

Two views of Sahalie Falls 1, 2

The Soap Creek School outside of Corvallis, OR.

A shipwreck near Newport, OR.

Other things and animals
Cars at the Daffodil Festival (outside Junction City, OR)

My favorite spring flower in Oregon (they grow like carpets!)

Eugene Skinner celebrates Dr. Seuss' 100th birthday in front of the Eugene Public Library

Bug trying to impersonate the sign at the Dorris Ranch Forest.

A pretty mule that Bug photographed near Cottage Grove, OR.

A pheasant wandering around in someone's side yard.

Sidney wanted to say "Hello" to everyone at home!

And last but not least, a beautiful Oregon sunset from the west side of Eugene.