Finally! I am finished kniting Bug's socks. It was really fun, and although daunting at first, I really warmed up to knitting socks. I can't wait to move on to my next project!


YAY! 3/4 of the way done...

I am finishing the heel gusset on the second sock tonight. By
tomorrow evening, Bug will have a new pair of wool socks. Handknit by me, even! Go me!


New Update

Well, I updated the template and posted a user photo of Bug and myself. I've really got to get a new photo of us together. This one isn't as good as I would like.

In other news, I finished a sock that I am knitting for Bug.
It looks really cool and best of all, it actually fits her foot!
Now, I just have to finish the mate so it will be an actual pair.
Thanks to Zabet for the heads up on the Magic Stripes yarn...it looks great!