Half an hour later...

We emerged from the Montgomery St. BART station and found ourselves in downtown San Francisco among the skyscrapers and bustling activity of the big city. Having no time to lose, we started our trek to the Number 15 bus stop on Kearny Street. We were hoping that it would take us to our destination, the Green Tortoise Hostel, so we would be spared the 12 block hike from the BART. We love to adventure, but we're not sadists. :)

Thankfully, we arrived only a block from the Green Tortoise on the 15 bus. We soon came to realize that this bus would be an important tool over the next few days. We hurried over and checked in, only to find that Zabet and P were running late and would meet us soon.

We explored the hostel until their arrival, finding the most convenient showers and bathrooms, checking out the internet terminals, and perusing the huge binders of travel information that were available in the lobby.

(Sadly, we didn't have the camera with us to record the triumphant arriaval of Zabet and P, or you would have seen her looking really cute with her Frida Kahlo knitting bag by her side. P was looking dashing, as usual, but a bit frazzled by the turn of events that got them to the GT.)


We'll be posting pictures and tidbits from our April adventure in San Francisco over the next few days. Hope you enjoy them, and I hope I don't forget anything...

When we arrived in Oakland, this baggage carousel would not let go of our luggage. We were very appreciative when a Port maintenace worker came to rescue it for us. I really wanted to hug him, but Bug told me to calm down. I couldn't imagine the next few days without clothes and toiletries, could you? Then we ran out to grab a shuttle to the BART station and we were on our way to San Francisco, just across the bay.